Diagnostic Vibration Monitors

Stand-alone Diagnostic Vibration and Process Monitors

  • Stand-alone diagnostic vibration monitors are the future of vibration monitoring.
  • PCH Engineering A/S plays a leading role in this development.

With a stand-alone diagnostic vibration and process monitor it is possible to measure and analyze the condition of a machine directly and get the results presented on your local or remote computer 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This type of monitor is ideal for monitoring the condition of an offshore wind turbine and present the results on a computer placed on shore. Permanent machine monitoring reduces human intervention to a minimum and makes periodic measurements unnecessary.

Early knowledge of all machine faults, imbalances, bearings or distortion is therefore assured. This allows you to handle problems before they cause breakdowns. Therefore you can assure operational continuity of your production and avoid unplanned machinery downtime.

pch 1028 diagnostic vibrationPCH 1028 Advanced Diagnostic Vibration Monitor

The PCH 1028 is a 2-4 channel digital diagnostic vibration and process monitor intended for stand alone operation. Signal processing is based on embedded FFT-technology, comprising Real Time 800 line Full Zoom FFT, Envelope FFT and Cepstrum, all performed directly in the monitor.

The PCH 1028 can monitor up to 192 machine components all with individual alarms.

Also 4 process parameters can be monitored all with individual alarms. The data can be sent directly to any machine controller or be presented graphically on a computer or a SCADA system.

Live time waves up to 4*8 seconds (19,2kHz bandwidth) can be stored on board, triggered by alarms or triggered by the user.

Together with the CHT1009 WEB based control program, the system can transport alarm and status information directly over the Internet. All settings can be changed remote and downloaded to the monitor over the Internet.

PCH 1028 Data Sheet