Noise Monitors

soundear iiSoundEar II®

Many hospital patients complain about too much noise. This includes noise from medical equipment, staff and visitors, closing doors etc. Research has shown that noise levels above 50 dB(A) delay recovery and rehabilitation periods, thereby causing patients to stay for an unnecessary, longer period of time due to bad acoustic and sound environments within modern hospitals.


SoundEar II Industrial®

Find out exactly when to use ear protection.

  • In workplaces, where noise levels depend on location and production processes, it is sometimes difficult to decide whether ear protection is needed or not.
  • SoundEar II® leaves nothing to chance. It omits a clear and easily understandable warning in those areas where the use of ear protection is required.
  • SoundEar II® is mounted onto a wall, showing the noise level in an easy to understand manner, and it omits a warning whenever the noise level gets too high.

You can pre-set your SoundEar II® to provide a visual warning sign consisting of a flashing red light at 16 different noise limits ranging from 40 to 115 dB(A).

SoundEarII Industrial.pdf


The original SoundEar®. Hang a SoundEar on the wall and let it warn you if the noise level gets too high in your area.  SoundEar® is the ultimate tool for fighting against noise.



SoundLog is SoundEar®’s logbook.

SoundEar® measures sound and SoundLog stores the information. Using the computer program that comes with SoundLog, you can see measurements carried out over a period of up to four weeks at a time on a ready-to-print graph. SoundLog consists of a SoundEar® with a built in log function.



Measure noise in up to 10 different areas at a time

SoundEarPRO enables you to monitor the noise level within the whole company from one computer. SoundEarPRO consists of up to 10 noisemeters, each measuring the noise level in the area their surroundings and sending the result as wireless data to one computer. It is from this computer that it is possible to monitor all the noise levels in real time, as well as access historical data.

SoundEarPRO monitors more than one area at a time:

  • The noisemeters communicate with main computer via wireless connection
  • Central control unit stores measurements in internal memory
  • Software processes/stores results
  • Class 2 approved (IEC 61672)
  • LAeq and LCpeak measured and stored every second
  • Follow measurements in real time or go back and see results for the date you require.


NEW! Virtual SoundEar for open-plan offices and call-centres

SoundEarV is a little noisemeter that measures the sound level in the area around the desk. When the noise around the desk becomes too loud, a pop-up warning appears on the employee’s screen.

Attach the noisemeter to the side of the computer screen and connect to the USB-port (see picture). Pre-set your own noise limit at which the pop-up warning appears. The noise level can also be shown for up to 30 days at a time on the same graph.